Daily Routine: Tavistock Farms pond and Area 51

Today was my day off and I had big plans to go hunt that elusive snakehead. I slept in though and changed plans to take the yak close to home out to yesterdays spot and venture to areas not accessible from the bank. I chickened out when I saw some dark clouds when I did a scientific walk outside weather check. So after two false starts my final attempt was to do some pond hopping .Those dark clouds never rain any more than a light sprinkle and the cloud cover made for some good topwater conditions. The first pond we headed for a pond I will call area 51. My brother and I challenged each other to a head to head competition the person who caught the most bass (no minimum size) in a ten minute span received a point. We both down sized our lures in order to catch more fish he used a Heddon Super Spook Jr and me a tiny torpedo/Rebel Pop R . The first round I won 3 to 2 the following rounds we tied 0, 1,2,2,1. A pretty good day of fishing almost catching one every 10 min. None of the fish were over 14 inches but topwater is always fun.
victim of the pop-r
  Our second stop was at Tavistock farms pond. I had only caught one fish from this pond but I had a feeling the quality would be a little better. The first thing I noticed was there were a ton of bluegill and they pecked away at my little jig I was using. We spent about 20 minutes at this pond and were able to land 3 bass and they were all in the 12 to 14 inch range. Maybe next time i hit this pond I will try some larger baits to see if there are some larger ones lurking.

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