Double Dip Fishing Trips

the water was clean at the launch you can
eight sections deep.
Yesterdays post I said I was going back to the Seabrook to catch some speckled trout I planned to work the wall around until I found the trout . as I was launching I saw one of the trout masters Chink Sumas hanging out under the bridge he is known for catching big specks. One of these days I will go fishing with him on his boat I imagine it will be one of those heros journey student learns the secret of  the master  moments. I launched around 9:15 and pedaled across the swift current of the rising tide that was pushing through the industrial canal. I headed for the airport wall where I left off yesterday catching specks. the current was moving a little faster today and it was tough to keep contact with the bottom. After two hours of jigging and nothing to show my patience was wearing thin. I did have a few hits but I didn't stay very long as the sun was high and I could feel the sunburn setting in. I hung out in the area and this evening I gave the yak a break and fished from the bank on the lake pontchartrain seawall. One of my favorite places to fish is the seawall where I caught my first fish a croaker that lived in the freezer for a long time when I was younger. Since then I have progressed to speckled trout, but they did not want to cooperate.The bite was tough and the fish in the vicinity were small. I did manage to fool two the first was an aggressive little guy who hit a bait half its size. The second was even smaller than the first about nine inches what we call a cigar trout in Louisiana. Even Though I didn't catch a box full of fish it was good practice for slowing down when the bite is tough. The technique I used to catch with was letting theMirrolure 52MR sink to the bottom and then reeling really slow back to me that was the only way the fish would bite.
Baby Speckled Trout
aggressive trout  bit off more than he could chew.

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