Minor setbacks

 Tournament fishing and I have a love hate relationship. First of all I love fishing  some days I wake up on the right side of the bed and do well but others the day is a complete cluster f**k. The may 18 IFA was one of those bad days where I just couldn't get a break. I started the day really optimistic but as the day progressed  I wasn't getting the bites I needed. I caught a bunch of fish a couple speckled trout a redfish and a bunch of white trout. all of these fish combined wouldn't add up to 61 inches that won the tournament . The only thing I could tell you I gained from this experience is I learned what not to do and I guarantee I will be in the money in Lafitte. Congrats to all the winners there were some impressive numbers on the leaderboard.
This picture wouldn't have counted I forgot the token.

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