The Only One

Louisiana Speckled Trout had to take an extreme close up to make it look bigger.
The wind was blowing from the south east creating good
water movement through this cut. This area should be
productive in future trips.
Went out today to check out a spot I never fished before. The aerial shots showed some promise so I woke up around five rushed out the door .  My only plan for the day was to explore and throw big baits to condition myself for the Empire IFA on May 18 which is quickly approaching. I started off throwing topwater a and because of luck I found a huge school of mullet that seemed pretty nervous in a northern cove of a lake. I knew it was only a matter of time before I was hauling 20+ inch trout into the Outback but,After three hours straight  of walking the dog and nothing to show I gave up and moved to a different area. The next spot I tried was a broken area where the wind was pushing water through a broken section my first cast with the soft plastic and I hooked the 11 inch school trout pictured above. I fished there for a
while with no other action the rest of the day was equally as puzzling I switched to redfish and couldn't get a sniff. I blame my lack of fish catching on the dirty water but atleast I didn't get skunked. Tomorrow i'm out for revenge but I think im going to a more familiar area.

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