I Should be in Fishermans Anonymous

Yesterday I was not going to go fishing but right at 3 o'clock I got the urge and I had to try somewhere so I loaded up the yak and headed out to seabrook. As I got out there a band of rain was overhead and I thought about going back home but I waited for it to pass and launched the Outback. i made it to the airport wall and on my first cast I caught this little guy. Check the lure selection in the shot.
ten minutes later another band moved in and I put on my rain suit and fished through it but I couldn't catch any more. I did hook up with what I think was a big trout I fought it for two minutes but I lost it as it was coming to the surface. I should have left but I fished in the rain for another hour before I gave up. I also broke my second rod in two trips there.
Seabrook is one of my favorites to fish from the pier but its definitely my new favorite place to take the Outback. There is a strong current and it can have lots of boat traffic there so you should be careful if you do go. If you want some tips or to tag along Email me at Fishxscale@gmail.com

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