Seabrook Look See

There was an article in the Times Picayune this week about trolling the wall around the lakefront airport so I
The only photo after my camera sank to the bottom of lake Pontchartrain.
figured today would be as good as any to see if the fish were still there. I texted my buddy Dwayne and he agreed to meet me at the Seabrook launch at 6 am I was 10 minutes late. We quickly launched and set out for the broken wall hotspot that was in the news paper. We fished our way around the wall and Dwayne started hot he caught a nice speckled trout and then a feisty upper slot red that pulled a Houdini style underwater escape from his stringer. Then the Action went cold as we moved to the "Hot Spot" which already had four or five boats anchored around. We fished all over this area even inside the wall where I saw some large garfish might be the reason we didn't catch anything. When I started on my way back my luck changed for the better. I caught a 15 inch red on the concrete corner in the upper of the map thats swimming for science(tagged).
Soon after catching that fish I broke 5 inches off the top of my rod. despite that I used the broken ro to land five speckled trout 4 keepers and one throw back 10 incher.I also lost about five or six at the boat by being lazy and not netting them. Somewhere between catching these trout I lost my camera I had video of the tagged red and proof that I missed all those fish. Stay tuned for a part two I am double dipping and taking a short Am trip out there tomorrow morning.
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Congratulations you found the bonus picture from ifa prefishing
 I wore this shirt today you would have seen it if my camera wasn't at the bottom of the lake.

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