Topwater Redfishing Call the Heart doctor

I am always excited about fishing but when the fish are hitting topwaters it really gets the blood pumping. Tuesday I got to fish with two guys I have never fished with before Josh who I have been trying to fish with for a couple months now and another guy Alvin who was cool enough to show us around his home turf. The area we went was a known redfish hot spot. My goal today was to catch a lot of fish using different techniques I planned on starting with top water progressing to the wakebait and then an inline spinner or traditional spinner bait. The day turned out to be a perfect for topwater the clouds that were supposed to move out multiplied and made it a perfect overcast day for the Skitter Walk.

My first fish came from a cool location It was the remnants of a pond that half of its bank was eroded. I pedaled into the eroded pond and  I could see good bait activity when I entered and on my first cast backlash so as cleared it I drifted to the bank I spooked a nice red. This is when I realized the redfish were holding close to the shoreline I worked my way out of the pond working my lure close to the bank. Quickly my assumption was validated when I cast to a little depression in the bank and as my lure exited the depression wham a nice red was pinned to the lure and putting up a good fight.

First fish of the day
After catching that fish I made my way along the bank to a narrow trenasse that lead to a small pond when I entered the pond I spooked a nice size red and then I drifted over another small one. I had a couple good hits in the pond but none connected this is a common occurrence when fishing topwater and throughout the day I had tons of fish following and swatting the lure but missing hooks. I exited the pond and fished the opposite bank that I caught the first fish on and I could see reds cruising in both directions. I lined up my cast infront one of the wakes and two twitches later I had a red exploding on the skitter walk. I was not sure If I had hooked it so I reeled and as I did I felt the tug of the fish on the line.
Fish number two
The reds were holding exactly where they were supposed to be on the cuts and points and I was receiving strikes most of the time. I threw to a point and had a red well up and swing and miss I immediately stopped reeling and grabbed my other rod that had a who dat spoon and hooked up with a red that inhaled the lure. check out the picture the lure is down his throat.The technique I used to catch my second fish was a technique I use when team fishing in my little plastic flatboat. My buddy throws the topwater and I follow up with a spoon or swimbait. If he misses a fish I pitch right behind him and usually hookup. I adapted this to a one man operation where I throw the topwater and the spoon it gets a little hectic but is just as effective. The sequence usually goes you cast a topwater receive a strike but the fish doesn't get hooked quickly grab your other swimbait rod and cast to the general location of the missed strike and hold on.

 I had to fight myself to put the spoon down and keep throwing topwater but I did and I'm glad because it was actually outperforming the spinnerbait and gold spoon that other two guys were throwing. At this point I had landed three to their zero but, the count changed quickly after my third fish as Alvin landed a nice fish I could tell by the hoot he let out and when I finally saw it later on it was a 28 inch beast. I continued pounding the shorelines when I came to a pond with crystal clear water I kinda got sidetracked standing up just watching the reds cruising around I finally snapped out of it and put a cast into a v shaped indention where I had a hunch a redfish lived. A couple twitches and I was cranking an eager 18 inch red to the Outback.
This Redfish was tagged and released.
This seemed like as good a fish as any to tag and release because of the quick fight so hes out there waiting to be caught for science. I decided not to linger in this pond but it was full of fish and I continued searching for some bigger fish. When I was exiting the pond I cast to the point and hooked up something that fought like nothing I ever caught before. The fish hit and initially took a quick drag stripping run but then buried itself in the bottom and would not budge. At one point I was jabbing it with the stake out pole but it wouldn't budge finally I grabbed the line and pulled it raised of the bottom slightly but then I felt a headshake and my line popped. I have never had this happen to me before It was a strange experience I probably should have been a little more patient and worked it out. I fineshed my limit out on with the topwater with this fish. We headed in around 12 o'clock .
These size slot reds are abundant in hopedale.
Want the GPS coordinates shoot me an email  and I'll break down every thing for you 

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