Kayak Specks in Lake Pontchartrain

Wayne with a nice Lake Pontchartrain speckled trout.
Went fishing with Wayne O this morning on Lake Pontchartrain The speckled trout were biting at the trestles but not steady but you would catch one every 25 or 30 casts. Wayne was able to land this beauty he also had one just as big or bigger come off at the boat. I was able to land four trout and missed another four keepers while fumbling with the net. There were a ton of boats out and the ones with live shrimp were consistently reeling in decent fish. If you go out in your yak be careful because there are lots of boats jockeying to get in on the bridge . Also a tip bring a good heavy anchor those little folding anchors don't work. Have any suggestions/questions/answers Email me at FishxScale@gmail.com
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