I Can't Stand the Rain

Sometimes you just have to go even though the weather conditions are not ideal I had my mind set on going
You can clearly see the barb to the right of the lure.
Sunday so I went. The forecast was calling for a 30% chance of rain up until around 11 O'clock when the percentage bumped up to 60%. So I loaded up my new trailer and set my alarm to get out on the water early. I woke up to dry calm conditions and optimism that I could have success on a bad day. After meeting up with my buddy and sorting out some trailer issues we were an hour behind schedule and I the rain was an hour closer. Once we made it to Campos marina we met up with two more guys Cody and Maurice who were already on the water. As we made it across the mrgo Cody was reeling in a speckled trout and the day was looking up. Bayou la loutre was full of bait and eager to catch a fish I started casting and hooked up with something that just didn't feel right I was able to get it to the surface it was a stingray that I hooked by the stinger. After contemplating the best method for hook removal I decided to cut the line and let the hook rust out.We exited into lake Borgne and spread out working the shorelines and reefs Cody continued his hot streak and quickly caught a puppy drum near the Fort. Meanwhile I continued around and started throwing a popping cork with a blue moon deadly dudley about 2 feet under it. I was drifting with the wind casting it to the rocks on the shoreline . Just as I was planning my next move my cork dissapeared and an open water redfish fight on my hands. The result was a nice red fish .
The fish were biting despite the poor conditions
  This was the only fish I could pull from Lake Borgne and at this time the wind was picking up and making it tough to fish the open water in the kayak. We headed back in to fish the marsh for reds before the rain we could see on the horizon would force us off the water.
Easy kayak redfishing spot inside the rocks
 less than a mile from Campos Marina
We went behind the rocks and were met with lots of grass not a problem  read this and there was lots of bait and it looked pretty promising. We spread out and began working the grass lines but before I could get in and really start hunting the rain storm was bearing down on us. Before we left Cody did catch a nice bass right before the rain came down and sent us home early. Hopefully Cody, Maurice and I can get together when the weather is better so we can really catch some fish.

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 and finally for your listening pleasure
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