Swamp Bass

Someone turned the heater on here in south Louisiana and the brutal summer heat has settled in.Fishing in the shade of the huge bald cypress trees was a welcome reprieve from the heat. I had to work in a town outside of Thibodaux and I arrived a little early so I could wet a line before working the graveyard shift. The change of scenery was nice and the huge cypress trees kept it cool. At one point I got distracted from fishing and just began to look around appreciating the beauty.(I snapped a few shots below) The trees all had moss hanging from the branches and sported a bright green, meanwhile the tannic water was a clear black almost like coffee. I wonder how the coloration of the water affects lure color selection.The sounds were very peaceful no cars,sirens, or city noise just the insects and birds.If you closed your eyes you might think you were in the rainforest or Jurassic Park .My goal was to catch a dinosaur fish we call a choupique in louisiana bowfin in most other place, but I couldn't find one on this trip. I did catch one little bass a consolation prize for trying.

Devil Horse Grasshopper

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