Recycled Kayak Trailer Build

Update :check out my new trailer click here

When I began kayak fishing I was drawn to it because of its simplicity being able to just throw it on the car and go. They are low maintenance no expensive outboard motor to maintain ,no battery to remember to charge ,no registration ,and no trailers. Thats what I used to think I still don't have to worry about an outboard blowing up, but now I  have just as many if not more to worry about. Countless accessories I have to repack neatly after every trip, a fish finder battery that needs to be charged ,and now I have finally added a trailer. If I continue on this path my Outback will have a 5 hp Yamaha on the back soon.To be Honest The trailer is probably the best investment other than the Outback itself that I have made.  The trailer has made loading up and launching a much easier and quicker task saving me time and the back ache. before I would have to empty the hull before flipping it upside down and lifting the Outback on the roof of my Jeep. Now I just hook up and go.

I picked up the trailer a couple weeks back it started as a harbor freight 40x48 the guy that I got it from had extended the tongue 3 feet and built a flat plywood platform. I got the 2x4s for free from my aunt who had them laying in her backyard. I wanted this trailer to be pretty simple its a temporary fix until I upgrade to a custom made heavy duty trailer that will hold up to six yaks. This wooden trailer will hold me over until next month when its complete. I still need to paint it and find some carpet to line the bunks and it will be complete when I do I will update this post with the final product.

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